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Prem Rawat is a respected international speaker, attracting audiences from all walks of life. The honorary title “Ambassador of Peace” has been granted him by a number of governmental and academic institutions because of his ability to inspire audiences to see personal peace as a possibility for everyone.

As a speaker, Prem Rawat is both accessible and humorous, using stories, analogies, and even poetry to reach his diverse audience. At the same time he has an important message, that personal peace is a fundamental right for all.

He speaks from the heart, without script or rehearsal, bringing simplicity to important issues that people often find complex. His life’s goal is to offer his message of peace to all seven billion of the world’s population.

In pursuit of this goal, he maintains a challenging travel schedule, often flying over 100,000 nautical miles in a year. In 2012 alone he spoke to over 730,000 people at 102 live events worldwide. During that time, there were over a million downloads of his videos. He receives no recompense for his speaking engagements.

In addition to speaking in front of intimate audiences and vast crowds — sometimes exceeding 300,000 in India — he has been invited to speak at a number of important institutional venues and forums. These include the European Parliament, the United Nations (UN), the Italian Senate, the parliament buildings of Australia, Argentina and New Zealand, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Guildhall in London, as well as numerous universities across the world.

Recent achievements and recognition

In November 2011, Prem was invited as keynote speaker and inspirer of the “Pledge to Peace” launched at the European Parliament, under the patronage of the First Vice-President, Gianni Pittella MEP. The Pledge to Peace, a call to peaceful action, was the first of its kind ever presented at the European Union, and which 37 institutions signed. The pledge activities, announced on UN Peace Day each year, continue to develop momentum.

In 2012, Prem was awarded the Asia Pacific Brands Association’s Brand Laureate Lifetime Achievement award, reserved for statesmen and individuals whose actions and work have positively impacted the lives of people and the world at large. Other recipients of this prestigious award include Nelson Mandela and Hillary Clinton.

In the spring of 2012 he was invited to launch the Third Festival of Peace in Brazil. This initiative, hosted by UNIPAZ (University of International Peace), which works towards world peace, involved more than one million people.

Speaking in a specially prepared video for the Nordic Peace Conference in Oslo, Prem emphasized the very real possibility of peace in our lifetime. He said:

There are people who are very greedy, there are people who don't care. But in my opinion, that is a minority. The majority of the people on the face of this earth want peace, and if this is true, then peace on earth is a very achievable objective. People say it's not going to happen. Well, let this time belong to those who believe it can happen, not to the ones who say it cannot.

In recognition of his profound impact on individuals and his contribution towards the world's understanding of peace, Prem has received many keys to cities and awards, and has been named an Ambassador of Peace four times — by UNIPAZ and three other governmental organizations.


Born in December 1957 in rural India to a prominent family, Prem left his native land at age 13 to travel to Europe and America, with the desire to bring his message to the world. His driving ideal was to present to every person, an optimistic vision of life, a vision of peace, both individually and collectively. This ideal continues as strongly today, some four decades later.

Humanitarian efforts

In 2001, Prem Rawat created The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), which addresses the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace, so that people everywhere can live their lives with dignity, peace, and prosperity. In the 12 years since its inception, the Foundation has made 158 grants to assist people in need in 40 countries.

With TPRF’s Peace Education Program, Prem has reached out to people in many walks of life. It has been particularly successful in prisons, helping those incarcerated to rehabilitate, experience hope, understanding, and self-worth. Prem has spoken at several of the 28 prisons where the program is currently running worldwide. The program is also now the subject of academic study due to its unusual success in reducing recidivism and in helping transform and give hope to those incarcerated.


Prem Rawat embraces creativity and cutting-edge technology. He is an inventor, photographer and a highly accomplished pilot, with over 12,000 hours flying time, most of it spent flying himself to speaking engagements. He is married with four adult children and one grandchild.

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