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Three-time winner of the Brazilian Association of Community Television Channels (ABCCOM) highest award. 

CAM_Award.jpg Won first place honors in the 2007 Community Access Magic (CAM) Awards, sponsored by CTV.


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“Last night, I was flipping through channels desperately trying to avoid ‘Desperate Housewives,’ when I came upon the most incredible show I’ve ever seen on TV in my life.”

United States

“I was deeply touched by Prem Rawat’s words. They motivate and inspire. I am happy to know that there are people really involved in making this a better world and bringing peace to human hearts.”


“One day I was sitting in front of the TV changing the channels. At one point, I started listening to this person talking, and his message touched my heart. I realized that I was searching for this for many years, and I hadn’t found it anywhere.”

“Prem Rawat’s message is universal, not something that needs to be force-fed to people, it just makes sense. And in an increasingly cold and cynical world, it is more pertinent than ever. It is a practical tool in the fight to remain whole in a world that seems determined to tear us apart.”


“I am the busiest engineer in Taiwan. Prem Rawat’s every word enables me to feel such a rest.”


“I once listened to a few words spoken by someone I didn’t know. Each Sunday I would get up in the morning, and I would always find this person on that program saying just the very things I needed to hear. It really makes me think and touches my soul, and I come back to my own self after being away for a little while.”


“I've never heard anyone talking about a subject so deep and profound with such an exciting simplicity.”


“I began listening to Words of Peace with my usual cynicism. But soon what Prem Rawat was saying made me start to think about my life and give me hope that maybe the best is yet to come.”

“I am 84 years old, frail, technically blind, and with a lot of age-related problems that prevent normal activity and walking. I have for several months now followed Prem Rawat’s twice-weekly TV programs and am anxious to learn how to attain the peace within as taught by Prem Rawat.”


“I am watching every night a man called Prem Rawat who touches my heart profoundly with his wonderful words of peace. I cannot sleep if I don’t hear his lovely words that fall as a balm to my heart.”


“I love the TV program. When I saw it, I found more meaning to life, and I know that this life has everything if I learn to look at it from the inside.”


“I cannot tell you the impact listening to Prem Rawat has had on my life. He is able to explain things that I felt I already knew in a way that I could understand them; he puts them into a context for me. I know that I would not be able to explain this to anybody in the way that he does.”

United Kingdom

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