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Jeremy Gilley — a well-known advocate for peace — took an opportunity to speak with Prem Rawat about the nature of peace, its importance, and how it might be spread. What happened was an informal, fun, yet profound conversation.

Duration: 28 minutes.
21st September, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

“That breath! The simplest of all actions. And yet, the most profound of all actions. Profound because that’s where it begins. That’s what keeps happening, all throughout your existence. And when that process stops, you no longer exist.”

Duration: 72 minutes.
June 24, 2012.

Asheville, North Carolina

“In this life, you have choices. There’s doubt; there’s clarity. Doubt can bring confusion. Clarity can bring joy. Pick one.”

Duration: 68 minutes.
August 4, 2012

Long Beach, California

“What are you dedicated to in your life? Because you are going to be dedicated, regardless. If you’re not dedicated, then you’re dedicated to nothing. But you’re still dedicated. What are you dedicated to?”

Duration: 72 minutes.
July 29, 2012.

Chicago, Illinois

“If you don’t see your heart, if you don’t see the divine in you, if you don’t see your strength, if you don’t see the blessing that this breath is, that is because you are so far away. So far away that you can’t see it. Come closer. Come closer to yourself. And you, too, will see what I am talking about.”

Duration: 65 minutes.
July 19, 2012.

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