‘Peace Is Possible’ Campaign, part 2

‘Peace Is Possible’ Campaign, part 2

Ben Eine Meets Prem Rawat

A week and a half after painting Prem Rawat’s phrase ‘Peace Is Possible’ on the walls of Shoreditch House on Ebor Street in Shoreditch, London, Eine invited Prem to view his completed work of art. During their meeting, Eine took the opportunity to explain why he chose to paint ‘Peace Is Possible’ on the mural, leading both to exchange views on the impact of the phrase.

The hashtag #PeaceIsPossible is still trending on social media, as visitors in the Ebor Street area photograph the Peace Wall on a daily basis. Prem, Eine, and the Peace Wall have been featured in an article on The Evening Standard’s online news site.

‘Seeds of Peace’ Event in Lambeth College

The ‘Peace Is Possible campaign’ continued on Sunday, June 10th, when Prem Rawat was invited by Pastor Lorraine Jones to speak to the youth of London, bringing a message of hope and practical help through his critically acclaimed Peace Education Programme (PEP).

Pastor Lorraine Jones lost her son to knife crime in 2014 and has since become a leading voice for peace and healing in the communities of London. To avoid others sharing the fate of her son, she has founded Dwaynamics, a boxing gym that offers young people an alternative way of life and steers them away from gangs and violence.

On June 8th, before the event, both Pastor Lorraine and Prem took part in a conversation on the benefits of PEP with host Mike Graham of Talk Radio. Listen to the recording of this interview on the Talk Radio website (June 8th, 11.30-12 segment).

To find out more about the exciting results of this campaign, please go to the Prem Rawat Foundation website.

‘Peace Is Possible’ mural by Ben Eine

‘Peace Is Possible’ mural by Ben Eine

During the weekend of May 26-27, inspired by Prem Rawat’s work and message, influential graffiti, and mural artist Ben Eine painted Prem’s phrase ‘Peace Is Possible’ along Ebor Street on the side of Shoreditch House in East London, UK.

Ben Eine is a graffiti vandal turned typographic artist, and he has worked closely with another globally well-known street artist Banksy. PM David Cameron gifted one of Eine’s paintings to President Barack Obama in 2010. As his art is in huge demand globally, he is constantly commissioned internationally to carry out his unique artwork. After finishing the ‘Peace Is Possible’ mural, he traveled for commissions to Russia, Canada, Italy, and Japan. His colorful letters and powerful statements have already appeared on shutters and walls in the United States, Colombia, UK, France, and Sweden.

Ebor Street is a well-known site for street art and especially Eine’s typography. This made it a great visiting place for tourists and locals during two exceptionally sunny days in London when people from all walks of life came by to see the artist at his work. Many got their picture taken in front of the ‘Peace Wall’ while even more posted, tweeted, and shared the event in social media.

The ‘Peace Is Possible’ mural presents an important and hopeful statement at a time when London and other cities across the UK are experiencing a rise in youth violence.