Keeping the Message Live, Virus or No Virus

Keeping the Message Live, Virus or No Virus

Since we began this campaign and presented the webinar on 6 September, more than 1,200 of you living in 45 countries have exceeded all expectations, contributing over $330,000! Thank you!

Your response is already being put to very good use supporting Prem Rawat’s powerful live events where he has spoken before small audiences in several European cities, including Barcelona, London, Munich, Rome, Athens, Vienna, and Milan.

In addition, your support has helped Prem Rawat speak at the Italian Senate and at four media interviews in Italy reaching millions of people, including audiences on the national TV channel Rai Italia.

It is not too late to join this global effort to make his live events possible—even in the time of coronavirus. Please click here:


The Message Is Live, Virus Or No Virus