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Two Special Events in India (AUDIO ONLY)

Duration 70 min.
New Delhi, India and Hyderabad, India

This, our final release, includes the audio from two special events in India where Prem Rawat addressed audiences in English.

The first is from the “Medicine for Peace” event held at RML Hospital in New Delhi, where he spoke to doctors and staff, encouraging them to find the “pill for peace”. The second audio is from a conference in Hyderabad entitled ‘Peace, Prosperity and Progress through the Sea’, where he spoke to members of the Indian Defense Services, emphasizing that peace will begin when people first make peace with themselves.

“We have more educated people on the face of this earth today than we ever did. There are more schools on the face of this earth today than there ever were. There are more universities on the face of this earth than there ever were. Yet we’re missing the key ingredient called “humanity.” Maybe the pill to peace lies in you being a human. Not in somebody’s pocket. Not on top of some mountain. Not in some pledge. And indeed, maybe not even on any paper or in ink. The answer that you are looking for lies within you.”

—Prem Rawat at “Medicine for Peace,” RML Hospital, Delhi, India

“When are we going to start looking at the obviousness of the situation and recognize that the time has come for peace? The peace that dwells in the heart of every single human being, that is already there, that does not have to be created, that already exists — to uncover it and to give it the opportunity to manifest itself, for the benefit at least of our children and our grandchildren. Because the world that we will leave behind for them is going to be a pathetic one. Bring about the peace that begins when you make peace with yourself.”

—Prem Rawat at the “Prosperity and Progress through the Sea” conference in Hyderabad, India