Keeping the Message Live, Virus or No Virus

Keeping the Message Live, Virus or No Virus

Since we began this campaign and presented the webinar on 6 September, more than 1,200 of you living in 45 countries have exceeded all expectations, contributing over $330,000! Thank you!

Your response is already being put to very good use supporting Prem Rawat’s powerful live events where he has spoken before small audiences in several European cities, including Barcelona, London, Munich, Rome, Athens, Vienna, and Milan.

In addition, your support has helped Prem Rawat speak at the Italian Senate and at four media interviews in Italy reaching millions of people, including audiences on the national TV channel Rai Italia.

It is not too late to join this global effort to make his live events possible—even in the time of coronavirus. Please click here:


The Message Is Live, Virus Or No Virus


LOCKDOWN with Prem Rawat

LOCKDOWN with Prem Rawat

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and that you continue to take care of yourselves during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Offer each other kindness and understanding. This is the time for empathy, clear thinking, and courage.
Prem Rawat


“Lockdown” is an unfolding series of personal messages addressing these trying and uncertain times.

You are welcome to watch the latest message – or catch up on earlier messages – on the homepage.


Now you’re with yourself. Think. Understand. Clarify. This is a beautiful time to do that. Take in the value of each breath. Take in what it means to be, to exist. My God, take in life!
Prem Rawat

Keep The Message Live

Keep The Message Live

In January we kick off Keep The Message Live 2020, a campaign to raise funds in support of Prem Rawat’s live events and his radio and TV interviews.


The campaign will include a global conference call, update emails, and informative meetings in towns and cities across the world, following the successful strategy used in 2019.

2020 looks to be a major year for Prem Rawat’s events and interviews, hence a lot is in store and many activities and opportunities will need support.

To launch the campaign you are invited to a special conference call Sunday 5 January 2020 with speakers:

• Hilary Davis, Global Events Manager
• Paul Bloomfield, Special Events Manager
• Barbara Brogan, Words of Peace Support Team
• Roland Klepzig, Words of Peace Support Team

Local meetings will commence mid-January in Europe, Africa, and North America, followed by meetings in South America. In 2019 these meetings raised 70% of the total campaign revenue. Find out the meeting location nearest you by clicking here.

Stay tuned throughout the campaign via email updates on progress from WOPG.

Donate Here to Keep The Message Live

The 53rd Anniversary Celebration

The 53rd Anniversary Celebration

Jeevant – To Feel Alive

July 31st marks the anniversary of the day when Prem Rawat first began teaching as a young boy in India.

In 2019, “Jeevant” (“To Feel Alive”), the 53rd anniversary celebration of Prem’s work was arranged at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi for about fifteen thousand attendees from India and abroad.

Several radio and TV interviews, press articles and other speaking engagements were promoted on social media, leading up to an unforgettable event, which was streamed live all across India.

Even though everyone wasn’t able to attend and take part in the celebration, anyone who is familiar with Prem’s exceptional work around the world has a chance to feel part of what he is doing. Find out more.

Celebrating 52 years of Prem’s message

Celebrating 52 years of Prem’s message

This past week we celebrated Prem’s 52 years of sharing the message of peace and well-being throughout the world by joining him for the Words of Love event on 31 July, 2018.

The tradition of Guru Puja, originating in India, celebrates the teacher/student relationship. With this week’s Words of Love event, we not only celebrated this time-honoured tradition but also commemorated the day that Prem first began teaching at 8½-years-old: 31 July 1966.

The event welcomed people of all faiths and cultures who gathered to celebrate how knowledge has continued to be taught and practised throughout history, bringing us all together today in love, gratitude and community.

Read more about the event and how you can get involved here.

‘Peace Is Possible’ Campaign, part 2

‘Peace Is Possible’ Campaign, part 2

Ben Eine Meets Prem Rawat

A week and a half after painting Prem Rawat’s phrase ‘Peace Is Possible’ on the walls of Shoreditch House on Ebor Street in Shoreditch, London, Eine invited Prem to view his completed work of art. During their meeting, Eine took the opportunity to explain why he chose to paint ‘Peace Is Possible’ on the mural, leading both to exchange views on the impact of the phrase.

The hashtag #PeaceIsPossible is still trending on social media, as visitors in the Ebor Street area photograph the Peace Wall on a daily basis. Prem, Eine, and the Peace Wall have been featured in an article on The Evening Standard’s online news site.

‘Seeds of Peace’ Event in Lambeth College

The ‘Peace Is Possible campaign’ continued on Sunday, June 10th, when Prem Rawat was invited by Pastor Lorraine Jones to speak to the youth of London, bringing a message of hope and practical help through his critically acclaimed Peace Education Programme (PEP).

Pastor Lorraine Jones lost her son to knife crime in 2014 and has since become a leading voice for peace and healing in the communities of London. To avoid others sharing the fate of her son, she has founded Dwaynamics, a boxing gym that offers young people an alternative way of life and steers them away from gangs and violence.

On June 8th, before the event, both Pastor Lorraine and Prem took part in a conversation on the benefits of PEP with host Mike Graham of Talk Radio. Listen to the recording of this interview on the Talk Radio website (June 8th, 11.30-12 segment).

To find out more about the exciting results of this campaign, please go to the Prem Rawat Foundation website.