In August 2016 Prem Rawat Spoke at Four West African Events in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Benin

First up was Accra, where, among the 1,000 attending, were three high-level prison officials, including the National Director. Since the Peace Education Program is approved for prisons throughout Ghana, they welcomed the chance to meet Prem to express their appreciation personally for its success there. (The Prem Rawat Foundation also supported this event, and you can read more about it and the impact in Ghana of the Peace Education Program here.)

Cote d’Ivoire
Next came a special “Traditional Wisdom in Service to Peace” event in Abidjan. Here, the Representative of Kings had invited Prem Rawat to become a Chief before a VIP audience of 350, many of them community chiefs themselves.
After a question and answer session following his address, Prem was ceremonially enthroned as a Chief, an honor traditionally reserved for foreign presidents and dignitaries. Prem expressed his respect for the honor, and his commitment to the people of Abidjan, by donning these robes.

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