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Words of Peace provides financial support for events with Prem Rawat around the world. In this section, we post occasional reports on the impact of live events with Prem Rawat and stories about jointly funded initiatives in a particular country or region for our donors.

The 53rd Anniversary Celebration

Jeevant - To Feel AliveJuly 31st marks the anniversary of the day when Prem Rawat first began teaching as a young boy in India.In 2019, "Jeevant" (“To Feel Alive”), the 53rd anniversary celebration of Prem’s work was arranged at the Indira Gandhi Indoor...

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Celebrating 52 years of Prem’s message

This past week we celebrated Prem’s 52 years of sharing the message of peace and well-being throughout the world by joining him for the Words of Love event on 31 July, 2018. The tradition of Guru Puja, originating in India, celebrates the teacher/student...

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‘Peace Is Possible’ Campaign, part 2

Ben Eine Meets Prem RawatA week and a half after painting Prem Rawat’s phrase ‘Peace Is Possible’ on the walls of Shoreditch House on Ebor Street in Shoreditch, London, Eine invited Prem to view his completed work of art. During their meeting, Eine took...

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‘Peace Is Possible’ mural by Ben Eine

During the weekend of May 26-27, inspired by Prem Rawat's work and message, influential graffiti, and mural artist Ben Eine painted Prem's phrase 'Peace Is Possible' along Ebor Street on the side of Shoreditch House in East London, UK. Ben Eine is a graffiti vandal...

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South Africa, May 2017

Prem Rawat reached over 35 million people in South Africa with his message of peace during his 2017 tour of this politically unpredictable country. He gave six media interviews in a three week visit, which were broadcast across 17 radio channels and mainstream TV. On...

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West Africa, August 2016

In August 2016 Prem Rawat Spoke at Four West African Events in Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Benin Ghana First up was Accra, where, among the 1,000 attending, were three high-level prison officials, including the National Director. Since the Peace Education Program is...

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