Extraordinary times call for extraordinary efforts—and so many of you are meeting the challenge!

Since the Words of Peace live webinar*** on July 11th…

over 1,000 donors
from 39 countries
donated $246,943 (€208,522)
to Keep the Message Live!

Your support is making possible Prem Rawat’s very full schedule of live events:

July 17 – 50th Anniversary in Los Angeles
July 23 – 55th Anniversary (Hindi) Guru Puja
July 31 – 55th Anniversary (English) in Los Angeles
August 14 – Atlanta
August 19 – Boston
August 22 – Asheville
August 27 – Denver
September 4 – author event in Los Angeles
September 11 – author event in Miami
September 14 – author event in New York City
…and more events in North American and Europe are possible soon!

Your donations at this time are especially needed.

Audiences for live events must be limited to allow for Covid safety protocols.

As a result, registration fees do not come close to covering all event expenses.

But your contributions are covering the gap, making it possible for Prem to speak to live audiences even in these extraordinary times.

It is not too late to be a part of this global effort to make his live events possible—even during this pandemic. Please click here:

Keep the Message Live

*** Webinar replays are available here now in Hindi as well as English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, and Portuguese.