Prem Rawat reached over 35 million people in South Africa with his message of peace during his 2017 tour of this politically unpredictable country. He gave six media interviews in a three week visit, which were broadcast across 17 radio channels and mainstream TV.

On May 20th, Prem spoke at the Cape Town International Conference Centre on the poignant theme ‘unlocking hope’. The two-hour event was hosted by South Africa’s TV personality Graeme Richards, whose input added to the hopeful, upbeat atmosphere.
Questions submitted to Prem at the Cape Town event, after his initial one-hour talk, touched on the themes of forgiveness and victimisation, as well as the art of self-acceptance.

During his talk Prem said: “You need to make peace with the world by making peace with yourself. So, forget about world peace. Make peace with yourself. And that’s another way, another component of unlocking that hope.”

Prem has visited South Africa regularly over the last few years responding to the demand for his message, and will no doubt be returning to the country again soon.