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Peace is not a luxury. It’s not an option. It is fundamental to the existence and well-being of a human being to have peace in their life.

—Prem Rawat

Words of Peace is an independent charitable foundation set up by individuals inspired by Prem Rawat's message of peace.

We work to share this message with all who wish to hear it. Words of Peace has volunteers from over 80 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific who are supported by a team of 40+ staff. Currently we have over 11,000 volunteers in our global database, and thousands more work independently. We are primarily funded by donations and grants.

What we do:

The total estimated reach of Prem Rawat’s message in the first half of 2014 is 11 million people.

Prem Rawat

"I believe that peace will be humanity's greatest achievement." Prem Rawat is a respected international speaker. Presenting the importance of peace has been his life's work. Travelling extensively, he is regularly invited to speak in television interviews, at meetings and public events all over the world. He receives no income from his work and gifts his time.

Prem has been granted the honorary title “Ambassador of Peace” by a number of governmental and academic institutions because of his ability to inspire audiences from all walks of life.

In the first half of this year he spoke at over 60 events and meetings in India, Nepal, Malaysia, Taiwan, The USA and Europe with audiences totalling over 1 million people.

My commitment is to peace. I want to see peace dancing in the heart of every human being. In my travels around the world, I’ve experienced a lot of things — the most baffling of which is people’s explanation of why there can’t be peace. People focus on the symptoms, but not the disease. My efforts are focused on eliminating the disease — which is, fundamentally, people not being in touch with themselves, not knowing who they are. If we don’t take care of the disease, the symptoms will never go away. And we all know what the symptoms look like: greed, war, selfishness, violence, and an increasing loss of trust. Peace is a real thing. Peace resides in the heart of every human being. Peace has to emanate from you.

—Prem Rawat


Prem Rawat addresses a vast audience at a public event in India.

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How we operate

We are committed to communicating openly with our supporters about our foundation’s objectives, ongoing activities, plans, policies and financial reports.


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You can also download our regulatory information, or our 2013 financials.

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